Ready or not

I’m doing this all wrong and I know it.  This blog is not ready to be a non-secret blog that people actually know exists.  Here are some reasons I should delay publicizing it:

  • I should have amassed a bunch of posts, ready to go, so there’s not a delay between posts.  I have amassed nothing.
  • I never got to the point of really understanding WordPress (i.e., understanding it at all), and there were such long periods of time between posts that I would forget everything I had learned. If my common core math calculations are correct, I actually may know less than nothing about WordPress now.
  • I shouldn’t have dead fish as my header image.  As my husband pointed out here, having a dead fish header is just plain weird.  I should have learned how to replace my header with a different image, but now I can’t even remember how I got that image there in the first place.
  • (Insert a bunch more valid reasons to delay here…)

Here’s why I’m doing this anyway:

  • Tomorrow is my birthday and, after half a century, I can’t think of a better time to take this step toward the edge of my comfort zone.


I’ll bite your fingernails too

I am going to a writer’s workshop and I feel like an impostor.  I once went to a lecture at a podiatry conference and it didn’t trouble me in the least that I was not a podiatrist.  I didn’t terrorize myself with thoughts like, “What if they ask me where I stand on custom versus over-the-counter orthotics?” or “How many plantar fascia releases have you done?”  And it should have troubled me because there are rules Continue reading

I am a nut job

It just hit me a minute ago how crazy this whole thing is.  I confided in a friend that I started a blog that I kept locked down and didn’t post to for almost a year, and then I unlocked it but didn’t tell anyone about it (and still didn’t post it to it). As I was telling her about my secret blog, I thought, “Who does this?!  This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.”

That said, considering I haven’t told anyone about this blog, I am not sure how anyone even stumbles upon it.  But apparently it’s possible, as evidenced by the fact that 5 people in South America have tripped over this website.  Or maybe it’s just 3 people, from 3 countries, and one guy fell in twice (did I get the math right?).  Anyway, to the guy from Brazil:  Drop in anytime!


I told my friend about this blog.  I think this is Step 1 in my 12-step recovery from being a closet non-blogging blogger.

To blog or not to blog, that is the question

I wrote this on January 9, 2015, before I signed up for this top-secret blog:

I really appreciate the feedback from people who have suggested I write a blog.  Here are some of my thoughts about it:

  • Often I get the suggestion that I write a blog after I’ve written something humorous. I do enjoy writing humor, but the thought that I must regularly be humorous in a blog would surely rob me of the little sense of humor I have left.  I just don’t think I could be funny on demand.  Also, I don’t always want to be Continue reading

I’m not getting in

I have the privacy settings on,  I haven’t told anyone about this site, and I haven’t used my name on this site.  So this is a totally safe way of putting something “out there”.  But not that far out there.  It’s just a toe, dipping in the river blog.  I can toetally do one little toe. Maybe.

I’m a little confused by the posting date of this, which seems to correlate only with when I Continue reading