I’m not getting in

I have the privacy settings on,  I haven’t told anyone about this site, and I haven’t used my name on this site.  So this is a totally safe way of putting something “out there”.  But not that far out there.  It’s just a toe, dipping in the river blog.  I can toetally do one little toe. Maybe.

I’m a little confused by the posting date of this, which seems to correlate only with when I first thought of posting it, not when I actually did.  Can WordPress read my mind?  Is it my “Dashboard” that would tell me that?  Or is it under “Reader”, sub-topic “Mind”?  This site is a bit of a mystery.  “Save” doesn’t seem synonymous with “update” and a “page” and a “post” are not the same thing, and I don’t know which is which.  Don’t even get me started about the widgets.  The widgets scare me because I might not want them one day but I’ll be stuck with them, forever.  It’s like getting married or having kids. Too much commitment.

It’s just a toe.  OK, a toe.  I can do this.

Next time I’ll write about the tension between doing this and not doing this.  In other words, I’m right on the edge of my comfort zone.  A hair left and I’m not doing it and that’s the way it’s been and that’s safe.  A hair right and I’m into unexplored territory, exciting, uncomfortable newness.

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