Homeschooling in the corona age

Whenever I hear the term “homeschool” I think of some well-known cases of parents who murdered their homeschooled kids.  While the relationship between homeschooling and murdering your kids may not be causal, they may both be a function of a third variable: lunacy.  

Who in their right mind wants to stay home all day, everyday, with their kids, and be responsible for how educated they turn out?!  For me it’s enough to know I’ve already screwed up my kids by nature and by nurture. I don’t need to also eliminate all other sources of influence that may buffer them for complete idiocy as well.  In fact, I am willing to pay good money not to get blamed for their poor education on top of everything else a mother’s blamed for.

I did some semblance of “homeschooling” when my oldest was an infant.  To provide an Continue reading